October 2023 PTO Meeting Notes

October 3, 2023 – 3:30 pm in the Dilley Library
The meeting was called to order by President Lacey Ferguson at 3:35 pm.

President – Lacey Ferguson: nothing to report
Vice President – Amber Hodge: nothing to report
Secretary – Andrea Lorenz: nothing new to report
Treasurer – Liz McDaniel: New money software: Money Minder for nonprofits. It includes an audit at the end of the year, which covers the required 3rd party yearly audit.
Communications Coordinator – Jordan Farhat: nothing new to report
Website Coordinator – Jessica O’Rear: nothing new to report
Grant/Fundraising Coordinator – Haley MacLean: nothing new to report

A Message From Our Principal: Principal Allen will host a coffee chat in the library from 9:00-10:00 on 10/24.  Opportunity to meet with other parents over coffee, ask questions, or listen in as others ask questions. Mr Allen plans to address a few topics like climate/culture of the school, substitute shortage and student needs.

2023-24 Budget Review: Finalized the budget. There were additional line items of $500 for music & PE and $1,200 for the track for new bark.


Back to School BBQ Recap: It went great. We received good feedback. Budgeted $500.  Kona’s ice net was about $150.  There was good feedback on the garden table setup.  There is a need to promote the BBQ at Jumpstart, so kinder families know to meet their teacher & get a t-shirt. Mr Allen has indicated that he plans to get jumpstart info out earlier next year.  PTO can promote BBQ earlier. There will be cookies at next year’s BBQ. 😉

Tears and Cheers Recap: We will include a flyer for next year. We moved the event to the library this year, which was easier for parents to see and come in. A number of parents signed up to volunteer. Suggestion for next year:  promote the event with a sandwich board or balloons in the hallway that morning as parents are coming in.

Spiritwear Update: This year, the PTO has ordered through a local t-shirt company to have spiritwear inventory on hand throughout the year.  The first order is scheduled to arrive by 10/16. Spiritwear will be available for sale at events: T-shirts, caps, and stickers.  The online store is open all year long to submit an order anytime, with a space to put the child’s teacher so the order can be sent home in their backpack.


Scholastic Book Fair (Jordan & Jessica): Preview available next Thursday. Teachers will have a flyer with the schedule in their mailboxes. It’s four days long this year due to no school on Friday, 10/20. There is a scholarship available for books up to $10. Teachers can reach out, and those kids can shop on Thursday. Parents can also contact the teachers directly to request a scholarship this year versus going through the PTO.

Conference Meals (Jessica): Potluck for conference days: Dinner on Wednesday is a Mexican menu. The lunch menu on Thursday is soup/salad.  Parents are asked to drop off food at 4 pm on Wednesday and 11 am on Thursday. There is a vegan option menu request. Request made for a gluten-free option.

Carnival (Haley, Jessica, & Liz): 50th Annual! Planning is going well with many community partners already booked, including a magician, Love Rocks, smokey the Bear, k9 unit, Parker Pup, FG fire & rescue, face painter, & professional balloon artist. The DJ will return for the “bakery boogie” (reaching out to local businesses to donate).  The PTO purchased a few inflatables (quieter). Will have those for years to come vs renting.  There is a need for about 80 volunteers to manage all the stations. They are reaching out to community groups and high school students. An overview of events packet will be sent to teacher’s mailboxes and include a volunteer form. Fair warning: there will be goldfish again this year.  Food vendors will return: Franco’s hotdogs, Papa Floyd’s donuts, & FG Sandwich Shop (including nachos). The planning committee will discuss parking in the back. Mrs. Annie will be the teacher’s partner.

Dine Out w/Dilley (Haley): Moved to a date in November. The updated date is 11/1 at Papa John’s. Flyers will be put in teacher’s boxes to send home to students.

Fund- Run (Amber & Andrea): Met with Mr Allen/Mr Horne. Mr Horne will be the teacher partner for this event. The date was moved to Thursday, 11/16, so Mr Horne can participate & we can promote the week of/remind to get pledges.  Andrea and Amber will meet on Thursday morning. Will specify these are gym laps. Volunteer needs will be sent to Jessica AFTER the carnival not to overwhelm parents.

Candy Monster: Coming 10/16. Video can be shown in class.


Bylaws Revision Vote – Election Process Changes: Bylaws amendments passed unanimously with 14 yes votes/ 0 no.

Track Update (Amber): Quote from Best Buy Bark: $1,200 for clean cedar chips with delivery. Will check with the district on where to drop the chips. A volunteer day will be scheduled to shovel bark into place. Little League will also ask for volunteers. Little League will purchase fabric for under the chips to keep weeds down. 4ft wide x 2in deep. Will wait to ask for volunteers until after Carnival.

New Garden Furniture Purchase Proposal (Lindsey): 3 options with prices:  1) 6ft: $898.85 Recycled plastic, 2) 8ft: $1,198.85 Recycled plastic. 3) 6ft: $370, same as cafeteria tables; have base and umbrella option. The cost is $370 each or $350 when three or more are purchased. After discussion, it was decided that 3-4 tables will be purchased for Option 3.

Costume options for Dilley Mascot Dill: Lindsay Woodson will work on this project.

Updated emails: info@dilleypto.com is the new group email, and each position has an email (Our group email is board@dilleypto.com). The old email address, dilleypto@gmail.com, is now set up to forward to our new info@dilleypto.com email automatically. There is also an automated response on the old email with a message that our email has changed.

Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm by President Lacey Ferguson.