April 2023 Meeting Minutes

April Board Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

3:30 PM

Dilley Library and Zoom


The meeting was called to order at 3:33 PM by Amber Hodge.


Officer’s Reports

  1. President: Amber Hodge – No updates
  2. Vice President: Lacey Ferguson – No update
  3. Secretary: Lindsey Dober
    1. Presentation of March 1, 2023 Meeting Minutes for approval – Amber Hodge motions to approve, Jordan Farhat seconds. Approved. 
  4. Treasurer: Liz McDaniel / Field Day 6/12 // Beach Field Trip 6/13
  5. Director of Communications: Jessica O’Rear – No update 
  6. Fundraising Coordinator: Jordan Farhat – No update
  7. Volunteer Coordinator: Mercedes Troxell – No update


Current Events

Bingo Night Results – Financials are in, and $832 out of $819.80 brought in // net $12. This event went well, and we had a really good turnout! Entry was free with one bingo card, good for the entire night’s play. $5 to purchase 1 slice of pizza, a drink and 2 extra bingo cards! Concessions included pizza, soda, juice boxes, and snacks for additional purchase.

Suggestions for next year – Order 40 tables. 30 for seating and 10 for extra items (i.e., concessions, prizes, caller table, etc.) If Blacklight Bingo, have a small handful of flashlights available for the prize table and people who cannot see so well. Purchase more bingo chips.


PTO Elections – Amber shared that Jen Walsh and Ahmed Farhat have agreed to act as the election committee. Please have nominations sent to jenwalsh88@gmail.com and/or ahmedfarhat89@gmail.com. We will need to advertise that nominations are beginning. Nominations are due April 26. April 27th Ballots will be distributed/posted/emailed and returned by May 2. 2023-2024 board will be announced on May 3 at our general meeting. 



Upcoming Events

Art Gala Update – Amber shared that Lacey and Liz are finalizing all of our donations for the auction. If anyone would like to attend a mounting party (artwork), contact Lacey or Liz for details on April 14 @ 4 PM. Lacey has sent a request for student artwork and classroom projects from teachers to be submitted by Friday, 4/7. If unable to turn in by Friday, please submit a description. We are currently well within budget. Volunteers are still needed. Complete the volunteer application on the website. 


Child Protection Update – April 6, 2023, tomorrow night between 6–7 PM, Mrs. Henderson is conducting Child Protection Seminar.


Read-a-thon Update – $7,050 gross (75%), $5,287.50 net – Mini-Squishmallows and Mochi’s have been purchased for the accomplishment tier. Discussed options for delivery of prizes to students so no students are left out, as well as online orders and school-provided prizes. Will coordinate with Mr. Allen about the pie-in-the-face scheduling. PTO to put a note out to teachers that if students were locked out of the account from logging the minutes, they can manually log with teachers. 


Reader Board Update – Provided an update that Washington County LUT has responded, and we can replace the current sign with a basic digital sign without scrolling or movement. Jessica has reached out to the previous vendors to request new quotes with these criteria. The lowest quote we received so far was $12,000, so hopefully, we can find a vendor that is below that price point.


4th Grade Field Trip Update – Bus 8 is providing transportation to/from the beach. Logistics are being finalized. The bus driver volunteered his time.


Pink Spoon Fundraiser Update – May 17, they will be donating 25% of sales with the mention of supporting Dilley Elementary at the time of checkout. Holly Factora mentioned that she’s been able to hang a flier on the front door or counter to garner additional donations at the point of sale.


Discuss changes to Bylaws – Presented the proposed changes to Bylaws, including/synthesizing: 

The Director of Communications will be split into Communications Coordinator + Website Coordinator. Also discussed the proposed cadence change from monthly meetings to once a trimester meetings. Kris Wilson shared concerns about the large gap in communication between teachers and parents; Lindsey Woodson and Kellie Nodland shared this sentiment as a perspective that this could cause parents to feel pushed out from communication and involvement if they’re not on the board. Discussed recorded Zoom option and posting on the website along with the minutes as well as including in the upcoming survey/poll to parents/staff to pulse why attendance is low/causation for it.


Kris Wilson mentioned physical sign-ups in the hall and being more visible for people to sign up. Providing a link here to share with teachers: https://dilleypto.com/get-involved/volunteer/. We should send this out to teachers to share on Remind or with parents. However, it is a lot of information to digest

Mr. Allen suggested implementing a ‘room parent’ structure to create a teacher/pto/parent liaison. Kris suggests working on a staff possibly implementing. They will discuss further for future implementation.


Kinder-Round Up Info – Jessica will create an introduction PTO flier to go home with students. Kinder Round Up is 4/27. 


Yearbook – Liz reports the yearbook is coming together, and we’re using Treering again – communication regarding how to personalize extra pages has been written into April’s Newsletter. Flyers (free of cost) from Treering have been ordered, which include instructions on how to order a yearbook and are en route to Dilley. Flyers will be distributed to students next week. The cost is approximately $22.31, which includes fundraising dollars for the PTO, mailed at a later date. We have the ability to earn free books for students, but it’s unclear how this works at this time. The due date for ordering yearbooks is 5/17/23


New Business

Budget planning – Add to the April PTO board meeting agenda. Survey to families and collaborative budget building process. Google form for families for events & meetings (what they want more and less of), add family likeliness of contributions to fundraisers inquiry.


Fourth Grade Assembly – Ms. Greenway requested accessing google drive for photo usage in the 4th grade celebration and coordinating between this and the yearbook photo inclusion. Amber or PTO will coordinate this. Amber volunteered to be the chair. Also inquired about help with gifts and celebration. 


Garden Open House – Thurs, 4/13, school hours, Lindsay reports that there is an open house upcoming, the pipe has been fixed, and boxes are fixed – labeling the boxes, peas, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce in the greenhouse. Requesting Mr. Allen to announce this to the school, Lindsay will provide a summary.


Kris Wilson – Shared her appreciation and support and caveats that while she wants to do all the things, it can be challenging to fit it all in. She wants to be supportive and make the experience good for the kids. 


Adjourn – 4:42 PM by Amber Hodge