December 2022 Meeting minutes

December General Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, December 7 @ 3:30pm
Dilley Library


Meeting called to order at 3:33 PM by Lacey Ferguson


Officer’s Reports

  1. President: Amber Hodge – Absent/No updates
  2. Vice President: Lacey Ferguson
  3. Secretary: Lindsey Dober 
    1. Call for approval of November Meeting Minutes – Liz McDaniel, motioned – Shelby Hoefs, seconds. All in favor & approved. 
  4. Treasurer: Liz McDaniel
  5. Director of Communications: Jessica O’Rear – No Updates
  6. Volunteer Coordinator: Mercades Troxell – Absent/No Updates
  7. Grant Writer/Fundraising Coordinator: Jordan Farhat – No updates

Current Events

Final Results from Carnival: 
Carnival resulted in net profit of $225.59. Mrs. Wilson shared that there were some sharpie or paint marks on the floor as a result but nothing of significant impact. It was suggested by Shelby Hoefs that we communicate parking expectations with neighbors and attendees and revisit the possibility of a volunteer parking attendant next year. Suzanne Cordes suggested a second face painter for next year as the lines were significant and it was a popular station. 


Hoop-A-Thon Update
Hoop-a-thon resulted in $6,676 profit to date. Liz shared that 99 pledges was a wonderful addition to help with raising funds. 

  • Total number of baskets shot: 3,430+ baskets, with a 35% student participation rate. 
  • Most baskets shot: Miles O’Rear x 64 baskets 
  • Most money raised:  Amelia Walsh 
  • 19 children scored more baskets than Mr Allen (all will have lunch with Mr. Allen)
  • Initial reports (pending confirmation additional cash envelope counts) indicate Mrs. Marshall’s class fundraised the most money. 

Lacey will email all stats to Mr. Allen to share with the school. The group discussed increasing participation and/or communication, Lacey wondered if encouraging teachers using Remind more. Kris Wilson shared that there are so many communication forums and newsletters that it can be overwhelming for teachers and parents. The group agreed the holidays can be a lot and perhaps shifting to the spring. 

During the discussion about upcoming spring events, it was shared that field updates for softball may impact track updates and the Spring Jog-a-thon. Mr. Allen elaborated that the current plan to start for Dilley field for mole and gopher company to determine feasibility to recovering the field. They will then Look at the scope of the project and provide an itemized account of what needs to be done, what can we have family help with and what do we have to pay someone to do. For follow-up in future meetings. 


Final Results for Dine Out for Dilley at Panda Express
Lacey Ferguson reports that a $150 donation was provided and arrived via USPS and has been deposited. 


New Budget Allocation Voting
Attendees voted anonymously via ballots with all items listed. Results are below: 

  1. Additional $4000 to Classroom accounts // Results: Yes: 14 | No: 0
  2. $2000 for Assemblies // Yes: 14 | No: 0
  3. $500 Recess Equipment // Yes: 14 | No: 0
  4. Additional $500 to Garden // Yes: 14 | No: 0
  5. $500 for Reading Group/Early Intervention Program // Yes: 14 | No: 0
  6. $500 for Counselor/Student Mental Health Program // Yes: 14 | No: 0
  7. $100 for Health Room Supplies // Yes: 12 | No: 2

Upcoming Events
Penny Wars – January, Amber and Mercedes are co-chairing the event: Star Wars themed. Students bring in all the pennies (points to your class), silver (takes away from your class), dollar bills and checks (takes away), need to confirm the accuracy with Amber and Mercedes. 


Yearbook Photos – Please share your event and classroom photos via the google drive album Liz has created.


Switcheroo – PTO will be in the cafeteria on 12/14/22 10:15 AM for the majority of the day with Cocoa, Candy Canes, and coloring for the kids!


Door Decorating Contest
All doors need to be decorated by the end of the day Friday 12/9. Mr Allen will choose a winner on Monday, 12/12 and the PTO will provide a Popcorn party for the winning class. Date TBD.


February Movie Night 
Canceled due to the cost of the movie license. PTO plans to do a take home movie treat kit instead. The teachers and staff are interested in hosting, with PTO volunteering. 


New Business
Shelby Hoefs suggests having Mr. Allen copy the info that PTO Communications, Jessica O’Rear, adds to his newsletter to his staff communications.

Meeting adjourned 4:21 PM by Lacey Ferguson