February 2023 Meeting Minutes

February General Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023
3:30pm Dilley Library and Zoom

Meeting called to order at 3:33 PM 

Officer’s Reports

  1. President: Amber Hodge
  2. Vice-President: Lacey Ferguson
  3. Secretary: Lindsey Dober
    1. Approve January Meeting Minutes: Amber Hodge motioned, Liz McDaniel, seconds. All in favor & approved. 
  4. Treasurer: Liz McDaniel
    1. Requests for line items:
      1. Speech Services: $100; inform only pending additional information. Not approved or voted on yet.
      2. Special Education classroom: $200; inform only pending additional information. Not approved or voted on yet.
      3. Increasing movie night budget: $130 increase for snacks, treats. Approved via board. 
      4. Healthroom graphics and wall art: $110 
        1. Motion: Liz McDaniel
        2. Second: Amber Hodge
  5. Director of Communications: Jessica O’Rear – not present/no updates
  6. Volunteer Coordinator: Mercedes Troxell – not present/no updates
  7. Fundraising Coordinator: Jordan Farhat – no updates

Current Events

Penny Wars Update – apx $1,900 total. Attendees suggested a school/community approach watching the progress as a group/team versus competing. 

Movie Night – 2/11 6-8pm, Will pre-sell Snack Packs. Park is Wonder Park. Bottled water, popcorn. Attendees can bring folding chairs, and the book fair will be set up during the hours of the movie night. Will have a separate space for kids that get antsy. Snacks from home are welcome. Still currently working on obtaining the sound system. Mr. Allen is speaking with Enrique with the district. Marvalae shared that the school may purchase it. Lacey suggested purchasing the DVD and raffling that off. We will do that. 

Book Fair

During normal library hours for each class M-F, one last shopping chance on Friday during their recesses, or after school from 3:15 – 4:00 PM. Families after school every day. Limiting time available for students to shop. Any students in any classes, who aren’t able to purchase a book – provide name to Dilley 

Papa John’s Fundraiser

Wednesday, February 22nd. Whole day profits will go to Dilley PTO. Spread the word. 

Upcoming Events

Art Night – Lacey shared that she distributed mail in teacher inboxes for asks and expectations, parameters of classroom projects, specifics of student artwork. Clarified there will be classroom art pieces and individual gift projects: due April 7th. 

Read-A-Thon – Liz shared that we’re using read-a-thon.com in lieu of the fun(d) run. They handle all coordination and prizes. Forms will be sent home by the end of month for the week, running the entire month of March. Confirmed teachers are planning on doing a read-in as well. Holly Factora talked about a final assembly to celebrate the read-a-thon success. 

AmazonSmile Closing

Ends this month. Amazon will be sending 2-3 months of estimated profit before the program funding permanently ends. Lacey suggests a teacher closet and will be working with teachers/staff to create Amazon Wishlist/Teacher Closet.

New Business

4th grade bus updates – Liz reached out to Mid-Columbia, having issues staffing. High school has reserved all the buses through the end of the school year. Liz will work on obtaining quotes for charter buses. Cidney Greenway will lean in to help here with obtaining quotes. 

Bingo Night / Family Fun Night – March 10th. 

Free event for families. Add to events calendar on website. 

Field Update

Roman Walsh has quotes for pest control. Hoping to have the field ready by June or July and hopefully usable by field day. 

Meeting adjourned 4:11 PM