January 2023 Meeting Minutes

January General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, January 4th, 2023
3:30pm @ Dilley Library


Meeting called to order at 3:32 PM by Amber Hodge


Officer’s Reports

  1. President: Amber Hodge
  2. Vice President: Lacey Ferguson
  3. Secretary: Lindsey Dober 
    1. Call for approval of December Meeting Minutes – Liz McDaniel, motioned – Amber Hodge, seconds. All in favor & approved. 
  4. Treasurer: Liz McDaniel
    1. Call for any photos taken around the holidays, links for shared album 
  5. Director of Communication: Jessica O’Rear
  6. Volunteer Coordinator: Mercedes Troxell – absent
  7. Grant Writer: Jordan Farhat

Current Events:

Dilley Electronic Reader Board – current marquee-style reader board in front of the school will be replaced this school year as it is showing signs of aging and breaking over time. Jessica O’rear’s husband (Global Electric)’s company will donate the labor and pull the permits, PTO will fund the board. More information to follow as PTO members research purchased made for these items and seek recommendations from across FGSD.  


Penny Wars planning update – Penny Wars is planned for 1/17/23 – 1/20/23. Amber Hodge has ordered reusable containers for a more consolidated approach, limiting change spilling and chaos surrounding the competition. Competing per grade, each class will be assigned a character: Star Wars theme. Totals will be calculated every other day and the value of coins vs colors vs dollar bills are still being determined. 


Update on Papa John’s Fundraiser: Lacey updated that this is scheduled for February 22nd. Jessica will connect with the Papa John’s franchise owner to provide assets and comms details for marketing this event. 


Upcoming Events:

Art Night update – Subcommittee meeting was postponed. A few more donations have come in. Lacey will send another email to teachers reminding about the classroom auction item and individual student auction items. Baskets and auction packages will be available, and will go through GalaBid. 


FUNd Run – Exploring options for alternate track options, i.e. laps in the gym (while specifying specific length/duration of laps OR shifting to a Read-a-thon or a jump-a-thon). Meeting attendees all agree that Read-a-thon would be an ideal pivot to the FUNd Run; we will move forward with the Read-a-thon and consider reinstating the FUNd Run next year when the track is complete. Liz added possibly doing a prize themed assembly for rewarding. 


Track Update: Roman Walsh, President of FG Softball Little League (and parent of Dilley student(s)), received approval to move forward with pest removal (gophers/moles) for the fields and adding new chips on the track at Dilley. Mrs. Lester inquired about use of fields during school – Amber confirmed that we are able to use this during school. 


February Movie Night 

Revisited topic of February Movie Night. As an update, the district did not purchase licensing for the PTO as an entity to host and show movies. As a group, the attendees discussed possibly sending home gift packs/movie tickets. Mrs. Wilson shared that the intent of the event is to bring everyone together and the teachers would like to host, Holly Factora will push play and be there in person. Mrs. Wilson and team will convene a planning team. Logistically a teacher or school staff needs to reserve the school and push play, PTO can take care of the communication and provide volunteers. Students bring sleeping bags, squishmallows, and parents bring chairs. Options for Fundraising associated to event include: VIP section, selling candy, popcorn and pizza. TBD on if Fundraising options will be pursued for this event.


Shelby Hoefs shares that we need a better sound system for the gym and inquired about selecting movie options to show. 


New Business:

Garden Update: Pipes in the garden burst over the holiday break. Lindsay Woodson, says they’re working on putting together a contact sheet in the garden and will be establishing connections between district maintenance individuals and key contacts for in case of emergency situations. 


Fourth Grade Celebration: Mrs. Fischer inquired about bussing students to the coast. Last year, it was cost prohibitive from the bussing perspective and they took students to Defy, wanting to revert back to a beach trip for 40 students. Additionally, they are bound by specific time requirements due to buses needing to be back by 1:45 PM in order to get students from school, home. Driver shortage causes this. It was suggested to reach back out to MidCo, or consider charter buses. Liz will get more information.  


Meeting Adjourned at 4:10 PM