November 2022 Meeting Minutes

November General Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, November 2 @ 3:30pm
Dilley Library

Meeting called to order at 3:31 PM by Lacey Ferguson

  1. Officer’s Reports
    1. President: Amber Hodge – Not present
    2. Vice President: Lacey Ferguson – No updates
    3. Secretary: Lindsey Dober – Not present
    4. Treasurer: Liz McDaniel – No updates 
    5. Director of Communications: Jessica O’Rear – No updates
    6. Volunteer Coordinator: Mercades Troxell – No updates
    7. Grant Writer: Open

  2. Message From Principal – Mr Allen – Mr. Allen presented a draft of the Dilley Elementary Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) which includes the top three school goals for the upcoming year. The CIP includes metrics and benchmarks to measure achievement of these goals. The draft will be presented to the Building Site Council and teachers and staff of Dilley Elementary. 

  3. Current Events
    1. Welcome Jordan to the board! Lacey appointed Jordan to the Grant Writer position. The PTO Board is now filled!
    2. Carnival Update – Liz and Jessica outlined the successes of the event and reminded the PTO that the carnival is a community event and not a fundraiser and the PTO had planned to take a loss for the event. For the 2022 year, the carnival appears to have made a small profit which will be reflected in the working budget. Jessica received feedback from community members and partners that the event was a success and Jessica shared her thankfulness to the wonderful volunteers that helped before, during and after the event. Jessica discussed that the carnival will likely grow due to word of mouth, so we may want to consider blocks of time to help assist with crowds. It was also discussed the need for a better volunteer check-in area, as the location used was high-trafficked. Candi Marshall stated she was impressed by the event and received great feedback from community partners and families. Mr. Allen stated he was very impressed with the event as a whole and it was pointed out by a PTO Board member that Mr. Allen was observed participating in  the Bakery Boogie often throughout the night. Mr. Allen requested more pies from The Pie Guy for the next event. 
    3. Book Fair Update – Lacey provided an overview of the week and the complications of having a long event 
      1. Going to take the rewards in cash (25% back) – approximately $1300 
      2. Going to keep $500 in the bank for families in need also use All for Books through Scholastic – PTO will ensure that this is communicated as an option to families to ensure all students have the opportunity to participate in the fair 
      3. A few teacher’s wish lists still needed – Lacey sent a reminder email to teachers that still have funds to use
    4. Proposed new budget adjustments
      1. Adding:
        1. Additional $4000 to Classroom accounts
        2. $2000 for Assemblies
        3. $500 Recess Equipment
        4. Additional $500 to Garden
        5. $500 for Reading Group/Early Intervention Program
        6. $500 for Counselor/Student Mental Health Program
        7. $100 for Health Room Supplies
          No objections of the line items – there will be a formal vote at the December meeting.


  1. Upcoming Events
    1. Hoop-A-Thon 
      1. Pacific’s basketball team will help
      2. Pledge folders should have gone out Monday or Tuesday
      3. Prizes
        1. Each Grade: Top # of baskets, Top $ raised
        2. Classroom: Top $ raised=cupcake/cookie party
        3. Beat Mr. Allen: any kid who beats him gets to have lunch with him
        4. Packets are due back Dec. 2nd
    2. Panda Express Fundraiser (Nov. 11th) – Jessica will send flyers in teachers boxes next week
    3. December’s Movie Night canceled
      1. Need to get movie license
  2. New Business
  3. Adjourn

 Lacey adjourned the meeting at 4:07pm