October 2022 Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 5th, 2022 3:30 PM
Dilley Library

Meeting called to order at 3:31 PM by Amber Hodge

Officer’s Reports

    1. President: Amber Hodge – No updates
    2. Vice President: Lacey Ferguson – No updates
    3. Secretary: Lindsey Dober – No updates
    4. Treasurer: Liz McDaniel – No updates
    5. Director of Communications: Jessica O’Rear

Jessica shared that the new website (www.dilleypto.com) is now up and running and will be used as the one stop communications tool for PTO communications, with the supporting platforms including the Principal’s monthly newsletter (where Mr. Allen has granted us a section to share PTO updates), social media platforms inc. Facebook and Instagram, PeachJar and hard copy fliers sent home with students. 

  1. Volunteer Coordinator: Mercades Troxell
  2. Grant Writer: Open

Budget Discussion

Liz McDaniel shared that the PTO board has established initial teacher grants of $1000 total, breaking down to $100/classroom. This initial amount will be reevaluated following Dilley Carnival and Hoop-a-thon to determine additional funding capabilities. In addition to the above classroom grants, the PTO has also allotted $100/classroom for bus transportation on field trips and $100/classroom (+library) in Scholastic money resulting in the book fair fundraiser(s). Lacey Ferguson, chair of the Scholastic Book Fair(s) will be reaching out to all of the teachers and the library regarding their allotted budget. The library will also receive $1000 for new books. 

Updates on Current Events 

Carnival Update: Lindsey Dober provided an overall update of the status of layout including stations and games, community guests who have confirmed attendance/participation and outstanding invites, and touched on advertising and the new banner that will be hung over Pacific Avenue the week of 10/11 – 10/17 then moved to the Lion’s poles at Pacific Pride – free advertising points. 

Liz McDaniel provided updates on logistics, budget, and food/beverage vendors and elaborated that the PTO is outsourcing food and beverage due to the limited revenue in comparison to volunteer and overall event demands. 

Jessica O’rear informed of updates specific to communications and volunteer management, specific to the carnival. Jessica will be putting out a press release, has included advertisement in the superintendent’s newsletter and will continue to promote on social media. Pertaining to the volunteer management, Jessica over estimates that the event will need 75 volunteers, across three different shifts and we are still in need of 60 volunteers. She has reached out to several community groups including the Forest Grove Chamber of Commerce and is pending hearing back from a handful. 

Jen Walsh inquired about after school events and the requirement of a COVID vaccination. Jessica shared that outside of school hours, no proof of vaccination is required, this was confirmed by Mr. Allen who also elaborated that if volunteers are

 students within the district, they do not need a background check and that if someone 

has submitted a background check, but haven’t heard anything back, that they should reach out to Marvalae Franco (Dilley Secretary) for follow-up. 

Mr Allen also suggested appointing parking attendants and Liz suggested reaching out to Montinore for an overflow parking area.

Ms. Hoefs and Mrs. Tionquiao inquired about this having been a free event in the past. Confirmed that budget and past details show that admission/wristbands were purchased. Lindsey Dober shared that to ensure we are out of the red, we are charging $10 for 5 and above. The PTO also added that there are scholarships or financial assistance available for those families needing extra support and that no one should be excluded. Ms. Hoefs and Mrs. Tionquiao also shared that in the past, classrooms were granted wristbands for anyone in financial need – PTO will continue this practice this year. Mrs. Tionquiao inquired about how to purchase and Jessica shared tickets are pre-purchased online on the PTO website or in-person at the time of the event.

Book Fair Reminder

Lacey Ferguson, chair of the Scholastic Book Fair(s), shared that the book fair is approaching and that there are open volunteer opportunities that can be found on the PTO website. The book fair will be open before/after, during lunch time, and during their classes designated library time. If parents are interested in volunteering during their child’s library time, Lacey can help to coordinate this. Regarding payment, students and parents will have the option to take advantage of digital payments using an e-wallet loaded via scholastic. If they don’t use the whole amount, it is placed on a gift card to be used later. Set-up on Thursday, the week of the book fair. 

Welcome Mercades to the board

Mercedes Troxell is joining the board as the Volunteer Coordinator. 

Upcoming events

Hoop-a-thon Update

Jen Walsh shared that she met with Mr. Horne and they set the date of the Hoop-a-thon for Thursday. Students will practice on Monday, then participate on Thursday. The fundraising expectations (flat rate or per shot) will be clearly communicated as well as how long students shoot to provide clear understanding of the event and support in clear understanding of resulting donation amounts. Jen also shared that they are exploring ideas of a Principal challenge, in which Mr. Allen makes as many shots possible in five minutes, and students work to match or exceed that amount.

Fundraising t-shirt flyers are currently in the teachers boxes to go home with students and starting on Monday, families can order youth ($7) and adult ($10) t-shirts to support.  Jen is working on getting FGHS high school students to be present at the event and if more volunteers/player support is needed, she will approach Pacific. Mr. Allen suggests a school spirit day in alignment with the Hoop-a-thon. Liz shared that the PTO closet has 20 Dilley water bottles for prize usage. The ‘winners’ criteria is still being established with top contenders being: top two students, top fundraiser.  Ms. Hoefs shared that the school previously used raffle style technique to determine winners. Jessica is setting up an online payment option using an app to submit donations. 

Picture Day 

Picture day is scheduled for 10/12. Mr. Allen indicated that we may need to shift our volunteers back by 10 minutes as it is a late start day and school begins when the first scheduled class of photos is scheduled to be taken. 

Teacher Conference Meals

During conferences PTO traditionally provides dinner for the teachers. Fall conferences are scheduled for 10/26 (dinner) & 10/27 (lunch). Meal train, potluck style. Mexican food inspired food 1st day, Italian the 2nd day (Sides, Appetizers, Main Course, Beverages, Desserts). Dishes should be here by 4pm for the dinner and 11am for the lunch, donors should prepare enough for 13 teachers/staff. 

New Business


Miss Jana is unable to continue with the garden. PTO is seeking volunteers to maintain the garden. Each classroom has the option to have a specific garden box.

Lindsey Woodson and Lacey Ferguson are part of the new garden team and are actively working to expand the team and encourage participants. 

Jen Walsh shared that Pacific University has a garden club and that Oliver Lanning (4th Grade student) has a parent who is a Professor in Horticulture and Pacific University. Lacey asked Jenn to reach out to Pacific. Mr. Allen will send a note out to the teachers to see if they are interested in adopting a garden box, currently two teachers have expressed interest for their classroom.

Yearbook Volunteer

Liz McDaniel shared that she will lead this project and we will be using TreeRing again. She will be reaching out to teachers for photo share opportunities to include in the yearbook. Yearbook cost is estimated at: $20/yearbook with a $5 fundraising option coming back to the PTO.

Family Nights with local restaurants 

Lacey Ferguson is the lead on this fundraising opportunity. She is currently in the process of coordinating with Panda Express and has reached out to Bites, Pacific Donuts, FG Coffee Company and Migets to solicit interest, pending responses. 

Adjourn at 4:12pm.