September 2022 Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 8
Dilley Library

Call to order 3:34 P.M. 


  1. Officer’s Reports

    1. President: Amber Hodge

      1. Did speak with Mr. Allen re: Remind vs Parent Square. FGSD will be using Parent Square next year. 

    2. Vice President: Lacey Ferguson

      1. No updates

    3. Secretary: Open Interim: Lindsey Dober 

    4. Treasurer: Liz McDaniel

    5. Director of Communications: Lindsey Dober; Interim: Jessica O’rear

      1. Jessica spoke with Mr. Allen, he is providing a designated area in his monthly newsletter for a PTO updates/spotlight. 

      2. New website can list volunteer roles so they can sign-up right on the website and we will receive notification. We can direct people there.

      3. More donation/fundraising capabilities (progress against goals capabilities)

      4. Jessica will add all of the events and the apparel link as well. 

    6. Grant Writer: Open

    7. Member at Large: Jessica O’Rear


  1. Updates on Current Events

    1. Meeting Dates and Times

    2. Back to school BBQ update

      1. Overall success: Kona Ice truck will return $120. Dave Parker + Mr. Allen attended as well. 

    3. Tears and Cheers Update

      1. Liz + Lacey – all ordered items have arrived. Lacey was able to get 4 dozen donuts and coffee travelers donated from Safeway. (Budgeted $200; spent $40). 


  1. FYI’s

    1. Board meeting minutes are for official use only: Not to be posted on website 

    2. Treasurer reports and budget is official use only

    3. A copy of the budget and working budget are given at monthly meetings

    4. What to expect at the first General Meeting

      1. Officially appointing Jessica and Lindsey

      2. Budget + Proposed (double sided): Liz  

      3. Computer: Jessica will respond

      4. Snacks: Amber

      5. Agenda (20 copies) + Sign-In Sheets: Lindsey

      6. Babysitters: Lindsey has two: Hadley Dober + Adri Deschermier (former Dilley students)


  1. Upcoming Events

    1. Process for Hybrid General/Executive PTO Meetings

      1. Agenda for Executive PTO Meeting next Wednesday

    2. Carnival Update-meeting next week, will have more updates then.

    3. Book Fair Update

      1. Lacey is meeting with rep tomm via zoom for addtl info

      2. She will check with Mr. Allen on gym availability

    4. Apparel Update/Spirit Wear-

      1. When will we start officially selling on the website?

      2. Color options are expanding, we will brainstorm general wishlist via general meeting for ideas of what people want.

        1. Baseball t’s

        2. Adult t-shirt

        3. Addtl merch (mugs, pencils, stickers)

      3. Need to add to next newsletter to provide advertisement for  (Jessica is following up with Mr. Allen re: cadence of newsletter)


  1. New Business 

    1. Interest in new board positions: Lacey replied to email of interested PTO member. Another individual was interested in participating – Lacey will follow up with Lisa Bell. 

    2. Volunteer form on website, Jessica will research addtl plug in and pro version cost for additional automation

    3. Liz reached out to Jen Walsh, who is interested in chairing the Hoop-a-thon.


  1. Adjourn: 4:12 pm.