Thank you to our Dilley Dolphin community for generously donating your time and resources to our programs this year. With your help, we enriched our students’ educational experiences, supported our staff, and hosted many wonderful events. Have a wonderful summer, and see you next year!

Your Generous Support

Total Dollars Raised: $35,600.40
Total Volunteer Hours: 1,507 hours

What We Supported

Community Events

  • Back to School BBQ
  • Tears and Cheers for incoming Kinder parents
  • Dilley Carnival
  • Movie Night
  • Glo Bingo
  • Art Night


Dilley Garden Improvements

  • Repaired irrigation
  • Improvements to garden beds
  • Purchased gardening tools for students/staff


Classroom and Learning Materials

  • Purchased new recess equipment
  • Provided over $5,000 in book purchases
  • Provided $500 per classroom
  • Provided $500 for the Student Mental Health Program
  • Provided $200 for the Special Education Program
  • Provided $500 for the Early Intervention Program
  • Provided $200 for Health Room Supplies


Student Enrichment

  • OMSI traveling planetarium
  • 4th grade celebrations
  • Speaker for assembly
  • School-wide dance party
  • Field trip transportation
  • Popcorn, ice cream, cookie & pizza celebrations


Teacher and Staff Appreciation

  • Catered meals for the entire Dilley Staff
  • Teacher Conference Meals
  • Various small tokens of appreciation


PTO Enhancements

  • Babysitters and snacks for PTO meetings
  • Organizing bins for PTO closet